Questions to ponder.
Don’t worry you won’t be graded for your answers.

Who are you?
Why are you here?
Who do you trust?

What’s important to you?

My basic truth – in three parts

As with all well done constructions let us start with the foundation. Which in this instance is the basic foundation of what I believe to be true. I’d like to say that I “know” what I am about to tell you is true. But no one knows one hundred percent that anything is true or not. If they tell you they do they are just full of crap. I guess that’s the one thing we can say for sure is true.
In any event what I have to say feels very much as if it is the pure given truth of the gods.
So let us begin.

1. Absolutely nothing really matters. Nothing has any real importance.

2. Because nothing matters or has any importance no one, no individual, no government, no church, can tell you what really matters. They can only tell you what matters to them. In doing so they are just seeking validation of their own beliefs.

3. Because of numbers one and two, you are free. Free to choose what is important to you.

I wanted to give you those basic parts simple and uncluttered. Ponder on them for a moment and then I will expound on them. And yes, I do like the word “ponder”, not sure why so just live with it...

Farther down the rabbit hole that is life